Saturday, March 3, 2012

Simple-Sew Barefoot Sandals and Flower Tutorial

With warmer weather fast approaching the barefoot sandals are all the rage.  And with this style I think they would be just as darlin' over a pair of tights so they could carry on into winter too.  These are so simple and inexpensive to make. The fold over elastic I found at Joann's for around 2.50/yd and the fabric I found in the remnants pile for a dollar. :)
Let's get started.

You will need: 1/2" Fold Over Elastic
                         Fabric for flower
                         Measuring Tape
                         Fabric or Hot Glue(not pictured)

First you will need measure around the foot and then measure around the ankle also.  Subract 1.5 to 2 inches to allow for stretch. Then add those two number together.  I actually took one of my son's shoes from when he was younger and took measurements from it. Around the foot was 7" and around the ankle was 7" also. After subtracting 2" from both they were each 5".  Now add 5" and 5" to equal 10".  This is the length you will cut your elastic. Cut two for each foot.
Next take one of the pieces of elastic and fold it in half.  Hold it with your thumb and index finger at the bend....
 Make sure you are looking at the shiny or pretty side if your elastic has one.
Then take the bottom of the front piece and fold it up to the left forming a loop.

Now do the same to the top piece of the elastic but fold it to the right.  If you go the same way on both folds your shoe will end up a little lop-sided and off center.  It should form a figure-8 type shape.

I pin mine in place to hold its shape because the elastic can be a little slippery.  Repeat on the other piece of elastic.

At this point you have a few options...Since it is just a small portion to sew you could hand sew it.  You can use fabric glue and make this a completely no-sew project or use a machine.  I machine sewed mine together using a zig-zag stich to hold the two ends together.  If you are using a machine you can also overlap the ends a little bit and sew them together with a straight stitch.

And that's all there is for the body of the sandal.  Soo simple.  It took me less than 20 minutes to complete both of them. :) From here you can add whatever ...fabric flowers, lace doileys, some fun costume broaches....etc.

I added a fabric flower to mine.  These are very simple to make also.  Cutting the fabric and glueing it can get a little tedious but its always fun to add your own personal touch to something instead of some mass produced store bought items. :)

To take some of the tedium out of cutting the fabric this is what I do.  Take a strip of fabric and lay it out.  Mine is about 4" wide and the length of the fabric. 

Then fold it up about 3".

Fold it again...

Keep folding the fabric up until you reach the end of it.  Then along the fold cut out a half circle...This will form several circles of fabric.

Then turn the fabric around and cut another half circle along the opposite side's fold.

Your circles don't have to be perfect so don't freak out if they are a little funky. Now take one circle and fold it in half.

Then fold the sides up....

You will need a small piece of felt to glue these on.  Take your felt and dab a small bead of glue on.

Press your fabric petal down on the glue.  Make sure you glue it with the folded side facing down. Dab another bead of glue next to the fabric petal you just glued. Fold another piece of fabric and press it down on glue.  You want the petal to over lap each other a little bit.

Continue around gluing petals down around the felt.

I glued a rhinestone in the middle to add a little bling and to cover up some excess glue from the petals. :) Now you can glue the flower to your barefoot sandals.

And VOILA...

If you have any questions please let me know.  I will also be selling these in my etsy store. :)