Friday, February 3, 2012

The Beginning

This is my first blog so bear with! :) 

I'll start by introducing myself!  My name is Ashley and I am a mother to a very adorable, sweet, handsome, gross, usually filthy, weird, and loveable 19 month old boy named Zane.  He is my heart!
Told you he was handsome! :)

I currently am a stay at home mom to that little angel.  I also have recently started a small shop on etsy for my crochet products.  Check it out!
I love love love to crochet, cook, sew, and anything crafty.  I do believe crafts are god's way of keeping mom's sane! :) Crafting takes me away from all the sippy cup spills, diaper mishaps, runny noses, and the stresses of being a mommy.  It allows me to focus on something (which ironically is usually something for that same sippy cup spilling and diaper mishappin stressful boy) and channel some energy into something that most times I can be proud of.  There are those times that the project goes completely awry hence the misadventure portion of the name of this blog, but can still be proud that a lesson was learned...maybe ;)
I am semi-self-taught on most of my skills.  I say semi because my mother is the Ultimate crafter and she taught me most of the basics. So this blog is dedicated to my self-education.  I want to share my secrets, mishaps, and creations.

My current project is creating a crochet pattern for super cute barefoot baby sandals!  Will post next blog when I work out all the kinks. here is a little teaser of what I've come up with so far.

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